Past Presidents

Laura Brandt (Spring 2018)

Laura Brandt

Laura Brandt is working toward a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (EECS) and B.A. in Physics, and will graduate in May 2019. She intends to go to graduate school in electrical engineering and ultimately become a professor. She is currently (Summer 2018) working in the XLab at Stanford (

Before becoming President in Spring 2018, she had held the positions of Vice President and Chair of Student and Alumni Relations. Throughout her time with TBP, she worked to improve the sense of community within the officer corps and member population, by organizing member socials (such as baking and orchestra trips) and weekly Study/Social Hours.

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Kaede Yoshioka (Fall 2017)

Kaede Yoshioka

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Tony Yau (Spring 2017)

Tony Yau

Heyo! I graduated in Spring '17 as a MechE major and EECS minor, and then went across the bay to go to grad school. I -still- watch a lot of sports(Go Sharks!) and anime, and am fascinated by space, so sometimes you'll catch me staring up at the stars at night. I also enjoy playing the piano, drawing, and napping.

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Wesley Guo (Fall 2016)

Wesley Guo

Hello there! As of December 2017, I am currently a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. My focus is on robotics and mechatronic design. Previously I studied Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley from 2013 to 2017. During my time in TBP I served as Activities Officer (2x), Activities Chair, President and Vice President. My hobbies include origami, Magic the Gathering, and board games. I also played the clarinet in the Cal Band. Feel free to message me with questions about anything (I still check my tbp/berkeley email regularly!)

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Anya Garachtchenko (Spring 2016)

Anya Garachtchenko

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Makoto Lalwani (Fall 2015)

Makoto Lalwani

Makoto graduated in Spring 2016 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Having decided that four years of mass balances wasn't enough, he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Princeton. When he's not taking care of his microbes, he spends his free time cooking, taking pictures, and keeping up with his favorite Bay Area sports teams.

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Cameron Bates (Spring 2015)

Cameron Bates

Cameron Bates graduated in Spring 2015 with a B.S. in Bioengineering. He then went to Texas to work for as a marketing analyst, and more importantly land himself a free account. He now spends his free time preaching freedom, watching football, and deep-frying various foods.

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Vivian Shen (Fall 2014)

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Nate Bailey (Spring 2014)

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Erik Bertelli (Fall 2013)

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Pritha Hait (Spring 2013)

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Hamilton Nguyen (Spring 2012 - Fall 2012)

Hamilton graduated in May 2013 with a B.S. in EECS. He is currently working as a software engineer for Redfin in San Francisco. Most of his free time is spent photographing life in the city and watching as many movies as possible.

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Austin Bly (Fall 2011)

Austin graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2012. He currently works on medical devices for treatment of heart disease at Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine, CA.

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Sebastian Ruf (Spring 2011)

Sebastian Ruf

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William Li (Fall 2010)

William Li

William Li graduated in May 2010 with B.S. in EECS, followed by graduating again in May 2011 with a M.S. in Computer Science with a MOT Certificate. William is currently working at Google at the Mountain View headquarters. You may also know him as "that guy who created Ninja Courses".

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Aaron Alpert (Spring 2010)

Aaron Alpert

Aaron graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an almost-minor in Theater in Spring 2010. He stayed at Berkeley for another year to get a MS, also in Mechanical Engineering. Currently,he works at Western Digital, happily getting paid to rip apart hard drives.

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Srikanth Kondragunta (Fall 2009)

Srikanth Kondragunta

Srikanth Kondragunta graduated in May 2010 with his BS in Mechanical Engineering. He then went on to complete his MS in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. Currently, Srikanth works is based out of San Francisco but travels all over the US as a consultant for Deloitte Consulting.

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Madalyn Berns (Spring 2009)

Madalyn Berns

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Christina Sedighi (Fall 2008)

Christina Sedighi

Christina Sedighi graduates in May 2009 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. While originally from Plano, Texas,she plans to build a career in the construction industry here in the Bay Area.

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Tim Edgar (Spring 2008)

Tim Edgar

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Kevin Davis (Fall 2007)

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis (or Kevin Davis (NP4L), as he was known) graduated in May 2008 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Subsequently,he proceded to earn a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in May 2009 under the 5 Year Masters Program as well as a MOT Certificate. The current whereabouts of Kevin are unknown as he is presently writing this bio in the future tense and has no idea what the future holds.

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Nicholas Hwang (Spring 2007)

Nick Hwang graduated in May 2007 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as a minor in Mechanical Engineering. Also known as "Moogling," "Moogle Extraordinaire," "Soccer Mom," "Dick Wang" (say his name with your nose plugged) and "fuzzy",he now hails from the southern regions of the SF bay area in the suburbs of Santa Clara, and currently works at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyvale. He is now loving his more relaxing life and partaking in simple pleasures during his first time away from the comfort of his Orinda home. If you ever see a large white minivan at a TBP event, you'll know that this past president has just rolled your way!

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Eric Lew (Fall 2006)

Eric Lew graduated in May 2007 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He is most notably known for his love of ultimate frisbee, sleeping in,and smiling. He is currently studying for his M.S. degree at (sss) Stanford University.

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Paul Monasterio (Spring 2006)

Paul Monasterio

Paul graduated in May 2006 with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and a B.A. in Mathematics. In the fall, he will start a Ph.D. in the department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT.

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James Li (Fall 2005)

James Li

James graduated in May 2006 with degrees in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. In the fall, he will begin work at Goldman,Sachs & Co. as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications group. In his spare time, James enjoys flying and snowboarding. He also likes watching random cartoons such as Rejected and those found on ebaumsworld or weebls-stuff. His favorite music includes Jimmy Eat World, Smashing Pumpkins, and Gunther.

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Diana Nguyen (Spring 2005)

Diana Nguyen

Diana graduated in May 2005 with a degree in Bioengineering. In the Fall, she will begin medical school at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Diana's pasttimes include,sadly, a lot of reality television (past: The Apprentice, American Idol present: The Scholar, Hell's Kitchen, The Cut; future: So You Think You Can Dance). Diana's recent new hobby is reading magazines... anything and everything from fashion to celebrity gossip to cooking and interior design. Diana also enjoys Broadway shows (Wicked is the best!), working out at the gym, and trying out new restaurants.

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Arthur Hebert (Fall 2004)

Arthur Hebert

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Peter Masatani (Spring 2004)

Peter Masatani

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Brian Love (Fall 2003)

Brian Love

Brian graduated in May 2004 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.He has left his Bay Area roots and currently lives in New Mexico (Four Corners area) and works for Schlumberger. The challenge of being somewhere so different than the Bay Area has been an incredible learning experience for him.While he enjoys being gainfully employed, he would like to return to school to further explore his interests,if only he could figure out which interest to explore. Last updated March 2007.

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Sarah Giddings (Spring 2003)

Sarah Giddings

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Jenn Cheung (Fall 2002)

Jenn Cheung

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Yuh Meei Seah (Spring 2002)

Yuh Meei Seah

Yuh Meei spoke softly, but carried a big stick. She is moving out of the country to Singapore!

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Shyam Patel (Fall 2001)

Shyam Patel

Shyam headed up the F01 semester. He couldn't escape Cal, and as such is staying for graduate school in BioEngineering.

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Carl Wang (Spring 2001)

Carl Wang

Carl still has to serve one more year of his 4-year sentence in Cory Hall. He's into Star Wars and other sci fi stuff. Carl's from Cupertino, CA,but, like Jo Kay, he's originally from Canada, eh? That's a crepe he's holding in his hand. It was tasty.

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Caroline Lau (Fall 2000)

Caroline Lau

Caroline graduated in May 2001 and is heading across the country to MIT.

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Susheem Gupta (Spring 2000)

Susheem Gupta

Susheem graduated in May 2001 and is heading across the bay to Stanford.

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David Cwiertny (Fall 1999)

David Cwiertny

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Jo Kay Chan (Spring 1999)

Jo Kay Chan

Jo Kay is a 4th year Bioengineering major. She says she's from Santa Ana (as in the winds or "the 5" freeway), but she's originally from Canada,where 25% of the population suffers from mental disorders. Jo Kay strives to be a part of the 75%. As if schoolwork and Tau Beta Pi weren't enough to keep her busy, she tries to find time for hobbies--swing dancing, random music, restaurant tasting, puzzles, etc. She is a recovering coffee addict, and has developed a liking for Coke. - Last updated 10/99

If anyone has an interesting Brainteaser, please email me.

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Bernie Lin (Fall 1998)

Bernie Lin

Bernie enjoys a variety of activities such as violin playing, classical music,ice skating, tennis, volleyball, sci-fi books, computer games, any racket sport, and astronomy. His favorite genre of music is classical, but he can listen to just about any type of music, including country! He picked up photography as a hobby a few years ago and takes lots pictures (along with Mike M.). If you see a guy with a camera snapping photos at you, there's a large chance it'll be him.

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Alvin Y. Chen (Spring 1998)

Alvin Y. Chen

Alvin Chen has a number of hobbies. Among them are singing (especially musicals), running,hiking, swimming, computer-related activities, reading, playing games, and talking with his friends. He is also something of a storyteller. Alvin is currently pursuing a PhD at UCLA in CS. - Last updated 5/10/01

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Sayali Vinayak Upasani (Fall 1997)

Sayali Vinayak Upasani

There is a moderate amount of information about the ex-Prez of TBP. Apparently, this ex-resident of the Bay Area is a fan of "The Beatles",and enjoys mythological stories. She hopes to go into medicine, and has a distinct fondness for mint-chocolate chip ice-cream. Sayali is currently studying for an MD at UCLA medical school. - Last updated 5/10/01

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Omid Shakernia (Spring 1997)

Omid Shakernia

Omid Shakernia professes to enjoying mountain biking, skiing,chess, and playing the classical guitar. A resident of Palo Alto, his more select pieces of literature include "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance","The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy","Catch-22", "Fountainhead", and "Franny and Zooey"; he enjoys Asturias, by Isaac Albeniz, and is a great fan of "The Usual Suspects". He is currently a PhD student in the EECS department at UC Berkeley. - Last updated 5/10/01

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Tai-Ping Yu (Fall 1996)

Tai-Ping Yu

Tai-Ping is currently working on a PhD in the EECS department at Berkeley. He also spends some time helping the TBP ultimate frisbee team out and led them to a gold medal finish at the EJC mini-olympics. - Last updated 5/10/01

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Mason Freed (Spring 1996)

Mason Freed

Mason is currently working on a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley. - Last updated 5/10/01

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Babak Razani (Fall 1995)

Babak Razani

Babak is currently doing an MD/PhD program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City sponsored by NIH. He's in his 5th year of the program. - Last updated 5/10/01

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James Hong (Spring 1995)

After graduating in '95, James worked at Agilent Techonlogies (formerly Hewlett Packard) as a Sales Support Engineer and Product Manager in the wireless telecommunications sector. He left Agilent to earn his MBA at the Haas School of Business,UC Berkeley (James is 100% Golden Bear, and proud of it). Most recently, he co-founded, an online marketplace for the construction industry. He is currently one of the founders of the popular website, "Am I Hot or Not".

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Andy Wang (Fall 1994)

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Philip Weaver (Fall 1992 - Spring 1993)

Michael Chin-Ming Fu (Spring 1992)

Andrew Elliott Rice (Spring 1991 - Fall 1991)

Dhiraj K. Gossain (Fall 1990)

Gordon S. Yip (Spring 1990)

Mike Yao (Spring 1989 - Fall 1989)

Tanya Anne Faltens (Spring 1988 - Fall 1988)

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Manish Arya (Fall 1987)

Robin Noelle Carlson (Fall 1986 - Spring 1987)

Miguel A. Flach-Aznar (Fall 1985 - Spring 1986)

Steven M. Schofield (Fall 1984 - Spring 1985)

Theodore Yan Fong (Fall 1983 - Spring 1984)

Daniel Kwan Dea (Fall 1982 - Spring 1983)

Stephen Martin Werner (Fall 1981 - Spring 1982)

Charles Stanton Meyer (Fall 1980 - Spring 1981)

John C. Schiller (Fall 1979 - Spring 1980)

Mark Billeci (Fall 1978 - Spring 1979)

Dennis Kenmon Lieu (Fall 1977 - Spring 1978)

Steve Brittenham (Fall 1976 - Spring 1977)

Linda L. Pittam (Fall 1975 - Spring 1976)

Patrick C. Lucia (Fall 1974 - Spring 1975)

S. Stuart Williams, Jr. (Spring 1973 - Fall 1974)

James M. Short (Spring 1972 - Fall 1972)

Thomas K.K. Tam (Fall 1971)

William H. Harris (Fall 1970 - Spring 1971)

Ross B. Millerick (Fall 1969 - Spring 1970)

Gregory Kent Pasco (Fall 1968 - Spring 1969)

Lawrence (Larry) Joseph Ferderber (Fall 1967 - Spring 1968)

David Albert Marsh (Fall 1966 - Spring 1967)

Missing (Spring 1966)

Richard S. Wolff (Fall 1965)

Michael C. Goldstein (Spring 1965)

Gordon Wayne Keller (Fall 1964)

Leroy Edward Colombe (Spring 1964)

Paul H. Griffith (Fall 1963)

James R. Gaskill, Jr. (Spring 1963)

John R. Bayless (Fall 1962)

Joel Gorham Smith (Spring 1962)

John Burns King (Fall 1961)

Gary D. Hornbuckle (Spring 1961)

Russell E. Duckering (Fall 1960)

Leonard Ward Chapman (Spring 1960)

Philip S. Threefoot (Fall 1959)

Thomas Goldthwaite Innes (Spring 1959)

Moonray Kojima (Fall 1958)

John Bass (Spring 1958)

Ernest Bisbee, II (Fall 1957)

Charles Moore (Spring 1957)

James Jordan (Fall 1956)

Roy Sokoler (Spring 1956)

Marvin Lindorf (Fall 1955)

Jamie Quon (Spring 1955)

Leland David (Fall 1954)

Phillips Woods (Spring 1954)

Joesph Santos (Fall 1953)

Robert Houston (Spring 1953)

Charles Larson (Fall 1952)

Gerald Peterson (Spring 1952)

Armand Polansky (Fall 1951)

William Starkey (Spring 1951)

Darrell Welch (Fall 1950)

Donald Frye (Spring 1950)

Robert MacKenzie, Jr. (Spring 1949 - Fall 1949)

Richard Barhite (Fall 1948)

Richard is currently living in Modesto, CA at the age of 83 and feeling fine. -Last Updated 12/25/06

Charles Faulders (Spring 1948)

Bruce MacDonald (Fall 1946)

John Haughawout (Spring 1946)

Robert Weld (Fall 1945)

Thomas Greathouse (Summer 1945)

David Wright (Spring 1945)

John Williamson (Fall 1944)

Jere Austin (Summer 1944)

Frank McClure (Spring 1944)

Robert Harris (Fall 1943)

Robert Carlson (Summer 1943)

Bernard Vallerga (Spring 1943)

Stanley Kerber (Fall 1942)

Walter Connolly (Spring 1942)

Robert Andresen (Fall 1941)

Bradley Garrtson (Fall 1940)

Vallard Smith (Fall 1939 - Spring 1940)

Jack Neustadt (Spring 1939)

Richard Ray (Fall 1938)

Raymond Bickerstaff (Spring 1938)

John O'Brien Jr. (Fall 1937)

Ralph MacDonald (Spring 1937)

Liston Hills (Fall 1936)

William Suydam (Fall 1935)

Harry Perlis (Spring 1935)

Jacob Douma (Fall 1934)

Blair Burnson (Spring 1934)

Edgar Gialdini (Fall 1933)

George Newhall (Spring 1933)

Edjar Garbarini (Fall 1932)

Raymond Gauthier (Spring 1932)

Ira White (Fall 1931)

Lawerence Roberts (Spring 1931)

Douglas Burnett (Fall 1930)

Wilson Tripp (Spring 1930)

Matthew Bunyan (Fall 1929)

Starling Winters (Spring 1929)

Delmore Pedgrift (Fall 1928)

Harmer Davis (Sprng 1928)

Edward Roessler (Fall 1927)

Paul Doty (Spring 1927)

Bernard Greensfelder (Fall 1926)

Joe Shaw (Spring 1926)

John Yates (Fall 1925)

Fred Hurt (Spring 1925)

Lawernce Dodds (Fall 1924)

Paul Howard (Spring 1924)

Stanley Scarfe (Fall 1923)

H. C. Bills (Spring 1923)

Hamilton Howells (Fall 1922)

Edward McNaughton (Spring 1922)

John McCone (Fall 1921)

Reid Crippen (Spring 1921)

William Davison (Fall 1920)

Carl Long (Spring 1920)

Harold Whittlesey (Fall 1919)

Alvin McMahon (Fall 1918)

Henry Lutge (Spring 1918)

Melvyn Frandy (Fall 1917)

Andrew Jensen (Spring 1917)

Kenneth Huston (Fall 1916)

Walter Dreyer (Spring 1916)

Ennis Woodruff (Fall 1915)

Archibald Moorhead (Fall 1914)

William Dean, Jr. (Spring 1914)

Ralph Wadsworth (Fall 1913)

William Jaenicke (Spring 1913)

Authur Eaton (Fall 1912)

Edwin Imgham (Spring 1912)

Sherwin Davis (Fall 1911)

Walter Little, Jr. (Fall 1910 - Spring 1911)

Frank Harris (Fall 1909)

Gaskell Jacobs (Spring 1909)

Harvey Davis (Fall 1908)

Clyde White (Fall 1907)