House Leaders

A house leader's job is to interact with the candidates that are assigned to their house. House leaders are, in addition to the VPs, the officer that they will interact with the most, so it is important for house leaders to be friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic. They are required to attend all the general meetings, big socials, initiation, and banquet (unless there are extenuating circumstances). House leaders are also required to plan and host four work sessions for the house project, which is determined each semester by the VPs.

Having a large number of candidates to interact with can be daunting, and so the house system was designed to have candidates in smaller groups so they can have an easier time bonding with other candidates as well as officers. As a house leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that candidates in your house feel included and are satisfied with their TBP experience. It is a really rewarding job that allows you to bond with a wonderful group of candidates and officers. In addition, house leaders are responsible for maintaining that spirit of competition as the houses go head to head in their fight for the house cup. It's the best job :)

Industrial Relations

The main job of the Industrial Relations committee is to work with company representatives to host infosessions. Indrel committee members reach out to companies to tell them about TBP. Once a date is decided upon for an infosession, Indrel officers take care of reserving rooms and ordering and delivering food the day of the event, as well as cleaning up afterwards. As infosessions are a major source of income for TBP, Indrel officers play an important role in supporting the UC Berkeley chapter. Other responsibilities include helping the Career Center host career fairs. Being an Indrel officer provides great opportunities for interacting with industry representatives, and learning what qualities companies look for in interns and employees!


Publicity is the most awesome committee in all of Tau Beta Pi and second in importance only to Ways and Means. Generally speaking, Publicity's main roles are to help other committees advertise their events and make cool stuff for TBP members/candidates.

Advertising: We work a lot with Indrel and ProDev (and sometimes other committees) to coordinate the advertising for their events, such as infosessions and prodev workshops. Advertising includes but is not limited to organizing chalking, flyering, department emails, and Facebook stuff.

Making Cool Stuff: Publicity is also in charge of making/designing TBP apparel (and other paraphernalia) and trading cards. We're given basically free rein over the apparel and trading cards, so this is a great opportunity if you have any cool ideas about what to make! Also, you are not limited to just apparel/trading cards if you feel creatively inclined; just check with the Treasurer first!

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee focuses on readying our members and candidates for "the real world," translating academic excellence to professional success. From critiquing resumes to holding mock interviews, ProDev officers are devoted to helping our members get their dream jobs. In addition, the committee hosts many events that aim to make the road from school to work easier. Workshops focus both on "soft" skills such as public speaking, etiquette, and cultural awareness, in addition to more "hard" skills such as how to write a cover letter. Panels bring alumni and professionals to discuss their experiences in research, internships, and career choice, and help attendees make decisions on which next step to take in their professional career.

The Professional Development Committee is also in charge of E-Futures and the Bent Buddies mentorship program. Talk to a current ProDev officer to learn more!

Information Technology

The Information Technology committee maintains both the website and our server. Despite the name, IT officers mostly do software engineering as opposed to sysadmin work, adding features and tools that are used both internally by members (e.g. events) and externally by Berkeley students (e.g. exam files). All code goes through code review in order to ensure our repository contains high quality code, similar to how software companies operate. Officers are free to do both backend (Python, Django) and frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript) web development, whatever aligns with their interests. No prior web development experience is necessary! All you need is a desire to learn and make our website as awesome as possible.


The historian committee tracks the history of Tau Beta Pi, primarily by taking photos at events. These photos are uploaded to the gallery for members, officers, and candidates to browse, helping us remember the semester for years to come.

It is the responsibility of the historian committee to attend every event and to assemble the end of the year slideshow. Historically, this has just been photos set to music, but thanks to the innovations of Hamilton, the historians are now expected to include some sort of scripted video for banquet. The historian committee also takes charge at the photo scavenger hunt and needs to be a strong social presence at all Tau Beta Pi events.

Student and Alumni Relations

The Student and Alumni Relations (also known as STARs) Committee is responsible for maintaining the relationship between our society and students, the college, and alumni. Responsibilities include:

  • Administering and maintaining TBP's student services, such as our exam files database, syllabi database, and helpdesk
  • Maintaining alumni involvement and interest by planning alumni events and sending out the alumni newsletter
  • Planning interchapter events
  • Coordinating Cookie Supports for Physics 7A, Physics 7B, and E7


The activities committee (Chair + 3) is responsible for holding around 10 fun activities each semester. These activities are not only fun, but also help increase interaction between candidates, members, and officers. Some of the activities held in the past include: Karaoke, Hike to Big C, Easter Egg Decorating, Ice Blocking, and Fenton's. The committee, however, has a lot of freedom in holding what type of activity they wish to, and in the past, new events have been created such as Winter Wonderland with SWE.

In addition to holding around 10 fun activities each semester, the activities committee is responsible for bringing food to all GMs and big socials. Most of the catering and ordering of food can be done through delivery, so this reduces a lot of the burden on finding drivers to get food.


The community service committee brings TBP to the rest of the world, reaching out to make a broader impact. If you ever wanted the chance to do something that makes a difference, service is a great place to do this. Historically we have focused on restoration and community outreach events, helping keep our community beautiful and raising awareness for causes such as the Blood Drive. These events are a great way to bond with your fellow TBP members and have a great time in the process!

However, we couldn't be part of an engineering organization without doing something related to engineering! The TBP service committee is in a unique position to bring engineering to the community at large, and recently we have been developing our Engineering Open House and Overnight Host Program. In conjunction with multiple other groups, we put on a weekend event that is free for high school students across the bay, allowing them to see what college life as an engineer is really like.