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President president@tbp

James Zou
James Zou jameszou24@tbp
Civil Engineering || Transfer Student || Eagle Scout || Project Manager of GeoWall at Berkeley

Vice President vp@tbp

Justin He
Justin He justinhe1114@tbp
'24 Engineering Physics! TFT griefer, Sabaton+Kpop Listener, Stawberry Milk Tea enjoyer.
Carlos Quezada
Carlos Quezada carlosequezada@tbp
'25 Civil Engineering | Plays and watches a little too much soccer so feel free to add to my addiction. Talk to me about sports, spanish music, and anything coffee-related. Proudly repping Latinos out here

Recording Secretary rsec@tbp

Jaden Cordova
Jaden Cordova jaden2004@tbp

Corresponding Secretary csec@tbp

Tara DuBridge
Tara DuBridge ttdubridge@tbp
ChemE ’24 || Mildly obsessed with Studio Ghibli. Talk to me about carbon capture, musicals, and books!!

Treasurer treasurer@tbp

Leo Huang
Leo Huang klhftco@tbp
BioE + EECS '24 - anime, tft, vball, biking, eating

Activities activities@tbp

Tara DuBridge
Tara DuBridge ttdubridge@tbp
ChemE ’24 || Mildly obsessed with Studio Ghibli. Talk to me about carbon capture, musicals, and books!!
Eric He
Eric He heeric@tbp
'25 Nuclear Engineering
Hannah Chen
Hannah Chen hannahchen@tbp
Hi all! I'm Hannah, a sophomore studying MSE. Talk to me about: food, science, food science, shows, games, and tier-listing.

Professional Development prodev@tbp

Kylie Cheong
Kylie Cheong kcheong@tbp
Bryan Gan
Bryan Gan bygan@tbp
MechE 24' | aspire to innovate | Loves sports, music, and food :)
Bolun Tian
Bolun Tian bltian@tbp
'24 ChemE | I love badminton!
Dimple Garuadapuri dimpleamitha@tbp

Publicity publicity@tbp

Melissa Tsaowimonsiri
Melissa Tsaowimonsiri mtsao123@tbp
Hi! I’m Melissa, and I’m a sophomore majoring in EECS. When I’m not studying, you can find me singing, playing piano, or birdwatching. Feel free to chat!

Engineering 98 stars@tbp

Saadhvi Lakshmi Narayanan Akila nsaadhvi@tbp

Information Technology it@tbp

Juno Lee
Juno Lee junolee64@tbp
Sanchay Gadia sanchaygadia2114@tbp

Student and Alumni Relations stars@tbp

Kyle Huo kylehuo@tbp

Service service@tbp

Katelyn Dale
Katelyn Dale kdale@tbp
Coco Zhang
Coco Zhang czhangyx@tbp
Divya Chintamani divyafromwisco@tbp

House Leader house-leaders@tbp

Laura Wong laurajwong@tbp

Advisor advisors@tbp

Oscar Chan
Oscar Chan ochan2@tbp
Kifflom! I am a Spring 2022 alumni working as a Software Engineer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's The Cardiac Suite team. I was a Transfer Student and 5th Year Masters student in EECS. I'm open to new and exciting hobbies (please share any you have with me, or better yet hang out over that!), but I like games, biking, hiking, teaching, and nerding over code! NoCopyrightSounds is my jam! Starting Fall 2022, I will be advising the IT and E98 committees