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"Continuing the Excellence" - David Cwiertny - President Fall 1999

David Cwiertny

All I really wanted to do when I took over as president was continue the excellent tradition of executive officers that CA A had had before me. I saw the visions of previous leaders like Bernie Lin, and I was inspired to try to continue those and reach even higher levels of success (and hopefully not screw up along the way :)). I came away from my presidency fairly pleased with how the semester resulted. We recieved the candidate list in a remarkably fast manner,and had the largest candidate class to date (I believe). We started some good events and continued many of the old ones. I was blessed to have a tremendous officer corps that, in spite of being a little green in experience, was incredibly motivated and full of wonderful ideas and inspiration. My time with Tau Beta Pi was great. Looking back, I miss it more than I thought I would. But being the president and working with such great individuals and meeting so many wonderful new friends was an experience I will never forget.

so there you have it. i never thought i would look back on tbp and berkeley and miss it so much.

Important Contributions and New Traditions

  • Largest candidate class to date
  • Highest percentage of new officers yet did an excellent job
  • Got the candidate list by the 2nd week of class