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"FUN!" - Omid Shakernia - Spring 1997

Omid Shakernia

Omid's main concern when he took presidency was to improve on TBP's social activities. Only by doing that will TBP become a close knit group with members willing to sacrifice and contribute to the chapter. The following account was written and edited during Fall 1998.

In my semester of presidency, my goal was to attract the non-officer members of TBP to participate in the activities of our chapter. I had noticed that in previous semesters,the only people that would participate in most activities were the candidates (who were obligated to) and the officers (who had to make sure that candidates participated). I tried to create some activities that would appeal to members so that they would participate in the chapter activities without having an obligation to do so.

These activities were aimed at building chapter spirit and friendships within the chapter so that members would enjoy participating in them. New activities I initiated were a weekend officer retreat to Lake Tahoe at the beginning of the semester, where outgoing officers gave valuable advice and know-how to incomming officers and the overall goals for the discussed among all officers. Along with various "fun" activities during the semester, we also had a TBP-sponsored end of the year river rafting trip in Sacramentro for all members. In my opinion this helped to increase our chapter projects by a great deal.


Important Contributions and New Traditions

  • Improve member participation thru "fun" activities
  • Started officer/member retreat (go Omid!)
  • Made events more suited for both candidates and members
  • White River Rafting trip at Sacramento
  • Created one of the closest officer corps in TBP history