Computer Science 88

Computational Structures in Data Science
CS 88 is a connector for Data 8 that is designed for students who would like a more complete introduction to Computer Science. We will cover a variety of topics such as functional programming, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and program complexity. This course will be taught primarily in Python. However, we are interested in teaching you foundational programming ideas, not just how to use one particular programming language. Once you have learned the essence of programming and the concepts that appear in various forms in programming languages, you will be able to pick up other languages and other programming concepts rapidly. The material for this course has significant overlap with CS 61A. We do not cover the interpretation section of CS61A. If you are certain that you want to major or minor in Computer Science, CS 61A is the right introductory course. You can take CS 61A for credit after having taken CS 88. However, you cannot take CS 88 for credit after having taken CS 61A. Data 8 and CS 88 together satisfy the knowledge prerequisite for CS 61B.

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